Snark bait! HuffPo oops-tweets cryptic, self-insulting message?!/HuffPostMedia/status/344518357858521090

“Y” indeed! The Huffington Post Media account oops-tweeted that out Tuesday afternoon. The account also oops-tweeted this, which was immediately deleted:


Snark challenge accepted!!/austinwprice/status/344518871337811968!/headshakers/status/344518886034640896

HuffPo Tech got in on the mocking action.!/HuffPostTech/status/344519054725349376

Heh. But the winner is …!/redsteeze/status/344518616131186690

Bam! Did HuffPo tweet out a self-insult in a rare fit of self-awareness?!/HuffPostMedia/status/344519131724410881

You decide!

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