Artist pencil sketches in negative so that inverting the colors of his drawing creates a normal image

This past summer, artist Brian Lai began experimenting with an impressive and unusual style of drawing.

Instead of shading dark parts of his work and leaving light parts unshaded, he does the reverse. When he’s done, photographing his drawings and looking at their negative images show his pieces as they’re actually meant to be seen…

Negative Drawings - 01


Negative Drawings - 02


Negative Drawings - 03


Negative Drawings - 04


Negative Drawings - 05

And finally, here’s a close-up of Wolverine’s face from the above collage…


Negative Drawings - 07


Negative Drawings - 06

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  1. It’s quite easy once you’re an artist. Notice neither of the pictures are original sketches — they are just copies. The way I’d do it is just get a photo I want to draw in it’s original form, then invert it. Then draw the inverted photo.

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