27 Suitcases And Accessories That Ease The Pain Of Traveling


1. Map Suitcase, $144.97

It’s extremely sturdy, which is great for bumpy flights. Get it here.

2. Pantone Suitcases, ¥16,800

Available here (in Japanese).

3. Owl Suitcase, $45.95

Available here.

4. Polycarbonate Suitcase, $197.50

Pretty much indestructible (bonus: looks kind of like EVE from “WALL-E.”) Available here.

5. Bespoke Curved Suitcase

They’re by artist Sarah Williams and they’re all custom-made, AKA they definitely cost a whole bunch.

6. Mummy Suitcase, 90€

Available here.

7. BoomCase, $760

I am in no way suggesting that you give Urban Outfitters a month’s rent in exchange for an obsolete piece of technology tucked inside a suitcase; I just thought you should know that it is a thing that exists in the world.


8. Canvas Backpack, $60

Buy it here.

9. Sequin-Dipped Duffel, $137

Get it here.

10. Floral Makeup Pouch, $25

Get it here.

11. Galaxy Backpack, $19.99

Buy it here.

12. Computer Bag, $169.95

Buy it here.

13. Vintage Carry-All, $30

Available here.

14. Studded Weekender, $475

Definitely pricey, but you could always use it in self-defense if somebody tries to mug you. Buy it here.

15. Colorblocked Briefcase, $185

Get it here.

16. Large Car Tote, $280

Again, pricey, but Orla Kiely stuff lasts forever.

17. Canvas Child’s Suitcase/ Makeup Case, 39€

Available here.


18. Elephant Passport Cover, $8

Buy it here.

19. Heated Travel Mug, $24.99

This handy device plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter (and you can always unplug it too).

20. Suitcase Eyes

Available at select Muji stores, or you could make some yourself.

21. Mini Travel Bar, $59.50

Get it here and you’ll never fear flying again.

22. Personalized Luggage Tag, $8.50

Available here.

23. Penguin Classic Luggage Tag, $9.95

Available here.

24. Universal Travel Adapter, $22.95

Get it here and never blow out your hairdryer while on an exchange trip to the French Alps again.

25. Cat Sleep Mask, $8

For cat naps. (Sorry.) Buy it here.

26. Strangely Codependent Luggage Tag, $14

Buy it here.

27. Ostrich Pillow

If this looks like the kind of product you’d love to have, fund its Kickstarter campaign and get napping.

Once you replace an old suitcase, don’t throw it out! Here are some ways to re-use vintage luggage:

28. DIY Repurposed Suitcase Table

Full tutorial here.

29. Suitcase Lid Breakfast Tray

This idea will make any staycation way more adorable.

30. Suitcase Gift Boxes, $11.50 – $14.50

These Paper Source faux-suitcases aren’t sturdy enough to transport your possessions across the country, but they’ll add an element of wanderlust to your holiday gifts.

31. If all else fails, turn a suitcase into a cat bed.

They’d prefer if you stay at home.

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